Tumbleweed on the PCT and Beyond

A Journal

PCT Prep Best Advice I Have to Give

Now that I’m off the trail I have some words of wisdom for all, older women in particular, who may be tempted by the PCT.

1-Think of something easier to do, like shopping or watching tv or chatting with friends or drinking.
2-Always keep #1 in mind while contemplating any outrageous activity.
3-if you do insist on doing something outrageous, do it where there are fit young people around to ogle. It makes the pain of egregious activity almost worth it.
4-if you are pushing 70 and haven’t seen the body you were meant to have for 50 years or so, outrageous activity is probably worth it if only for the few days you achieve that body again before relaxing into the activities listed in #1.
5-Consider again just sticking with #1.


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One thought on “PCT Prep Best Advice I Have to Give

  1. This is incredible!

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