Tumbleweed on the PCT and Beyond

A Journal

Blogger Failure!!!

hikingfeetI walked 800 miles on the PCT in just over three months. It was full of ups and downs. I didn’t mention one word of it here on my PCT blog to say nothing of even finishing the story about my Zion shakedown hike. That probably constitutes the greatest blogger failure of all time. You know how much I regret that? ZERO! Not at ALL!

I learned from two of the most awesome trail bloggers of all time, Carrot Quin and Wired that keeping a decent journal takes a LOT of time and ENERGY. While I applaud those who are able to pull off their blow by blow accounts of long trail hiking while actually hiking, I was pretty sure right from the start that I didn’t have the kind of desire and motivation to be a writer and a hiker at the same time. Now that I’ve been a hiker for quite some time and quite some distance I know I made the right decision to just let the writer have a rest and get on with the hike.

I did make a number of videos when my iPhone would allow me adequate battery power and storage space, which wasn’t all that often. Here is my YouTube channel where you can find a hodge podge of videos of the trek in no particular order with widely varying quality. Take a look if you have the interest and some time on your hands.

I do intend to maybe write a book with the trail experience as the center theme. It will not be a blow by blow account but a sort of life overview inspired mostly by my wildly appropriate trail name, Tumbleweed, the working title being, Drifting Along by Tumbleweed. Stay tuned 😉


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2 thoughts on “Blogger Failure!!!

  1. I’ll look forward to the book! Day by day blogging is boring unless you are Carrot or Wired. Words from a wise woman growing wiser as the miles grew longer will be ever more interesting.

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