Tumbleweed on the PCT and Beyond

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Zion Shakedown Part 2

Stopping for a snack is a different sort of process for Lori and me. She eats something quickly and wants to get going. I eat slowly and like to linger for a bit. Once we learned that the camp was at the top of the hill, “and on a bit from there,” Lori was ready to get going. I was ready to linger so I told her to go ahead. Off she went while I enjoyed relaxing in the knowledge that someone had actually seen camp #3 and that I would find it in due course. As I was getting my pack on Lori waved and yelled from way up there saying it was loose dirt and slick and lot like Squaw Trail and to be careful. Squaw Trail is here in our little town of Kanab in Southcentral Utah and goes from the town up to the top of a bluff and has some tricky, slippery, straight up sort of footing, so I got the idea before starting up. It was a fine little scramble and while steep not so tricky as parts of Squaw. It was a lot like our familiar trail though and I enjoyed the hike up. She didn’t tell me about the rattle snake she’d come upon there until later. I’m really glad about that. I don’t think I’d have stopped to take video of the scenery had I known that there was a rattler under a rock somewhere along there! 

After several huffing and puffing stops and another shout out from Lori saying she’d found camp #3, I reached the top of the hill and strode out with ease until I came to a T junction in the trail. Each direction looked equally promising. There was a sign but the names with the arrows didn’t mean anything to me. Since our map had put the camp at the bottom of the hill, what I remembered of it didn’t give me much of a clue which way to go. I yelled for Lori but got no answer. I started one direction, looking for her boot prints but didn’t see them in the mass of prints on the busy trail. All the prints seemed to be going the other way though so I turned around and tried that way. Again I couldn’t find her prints and all the prints seemed to be going the other way from me. I engaged my intuition and turned around again. I tooted my whistle trying to raise Lori to no avail so kept going with the intuitive direction. Finally I heard voices! They came toward me and woohoo it was two women coming toward me. I asked if camp #3 was up there and they said YES! Well.

Shakedown Lesson #2. Don’t let the person with the map take off without getting some idea of what you will be coming to up the trail when it comes to a T junction.


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One thought on “Zion Shakedown Part 2

  1. Beverly on said:

    Keep checking for new posts Trish. Wondering how you are doing. Whispering prayers for you daily.

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