Tumbleweed on the PCT and Beyond

A Journal

Loving this Life

I’m hiking every day with a bit of weight to get ready for my big start day just three weeks from now.

Two miles into today’s training hike with 19 pounds on my back this shady place was just too hard to pass up. I kicked back to enjoy the view.

hikingshoes hikingtrish

All together I did 4.60 miles (I thought it would be further than that) with a hike time of 1:23 hrs. I took trekking poles which I have only used one other time and by the end felt like a pro  I think they quickened my pace a bit because I generally only do 3 mi per hour. The 19 pound pack was very comfortable and actually had everything in it for what I think would be the usual distance between re-supplies except for my puffy jacket (7 oz) microfleece beanie, gloves and some electronics.

It was a very pleasant hike and I fell in love all over again with where I live. Miles and miles of beauty and solitude right out my door. I am a lucky woman.

There are moments when we experience a supreme appreciation for where we are. I had that heightened sense on my hike today. I thought, as I saw all the beauty around me and felt so good in my body and in my life, that if for some reason this was the end of this whole PCT experience, it would have been worth it all anyway. It’s that good, this journey.


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