Tumbleweed on the PCT and Beyond

A Journal

On a Positive Note

You will be very prepared and you will be very well-connected and if you ever have a problem you don’t know how to deal with, just ask anyone around you and they’ll be happy to help.

You will face challenges and you will overcome them and you will surprise yourself with your own strength.

You will make wonderful friends and take amazing pictures and you won’t be the same person when you’re done.

You’ll never look at maps the same way again. You’ll never think about “miles” the same way again. You’ll redefine the words “dirty,” and “tired,” and “hot,” and “cold,” and “wet” and “dry.” And let me be absolutely clear:

You will be very very very very very very very hungry.

This wisdom was passed on by an old timer while sitting in a meadow on a sunny day surrounded by new hikers with awed looks on their faces with inspiring music playing in the background. Not.

It was passed on via Facebook by Christopher IPoď Condap who wrote it in his pajamas on his couch while trying to decide if he should get up and make frozen meatballs for lunch. (He did, and says they were delicious.)


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