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Growing Bolder

Well it exhausts me just watching this guy for a few minutes but he and I do share a mission. The question is, do we decline because of age or because of a cultural meme that says old people decline? As we get older do we expect, from what we have been shown all our lives, that we will slowly disintegrate and just relax into that belief, or do we stay active in every way, maybe even get more active since we have more time? We DO have a choice in spite of the mass hypnosis that serves to drag us into oblivion. We do. Check it out.



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4 thoughts on “Growing Bolder

  1. I think you might also enjoy What Makes Olga Run, the story about an 90-something track star. She took up high jump, javelin, 100m dash etc when she was 77!

    • Yes. I’ve seen many similar stories. There are a bunch of people out there doing extraordinary things at extraordinary age. I hope that one day there will be enough to change the cultural meme that says we deteriorate because of age. It’s just nuts to believe crap like that.

  2. Wow! Awesome video. I’m a bit choked up by that it’s so powerful. Thanks for sharing it here.

  3. yayoubetcha on said:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing. His philosophy of “play” is similar to the Tarahumara, and I believe it too.

    Personally, I am inspired by Fred Beckey whom I have run into a few times over the years. He is 90 years old holds more “First Ascents” than anybody ever, now, or in the future. And he’s still climbing … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9d9Of1NJjs

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